Mission Statement

Superclub Ciclista Road cycling with an Italian flair since 1989
Our mission, should you choose to accept it is... 
to boldly go and have as much cycling fun as possible, 
leave no man or woman behind and...
to guarantee newcomers a friendly welcome.

We will only take seriously that which we believe is worthy, as the triumph of seriousness over pure enjoyment is anathema to our souls. To this end we are affiliated to those official organisations that control road racing, time trialing and track racing in England and have a number of riders taking part in these disciplines. 
The more leisurely pursuits of club runs are augmented by early season training events, Sportive and Audax events, weekends away, cycling holidays aboard, and social gatherings on festive occasions or when the mood takes us. 

The Gregarios are not seduced by the worship of results-oriented performance. Style must never be compromised, either while riding, or “après-bike", and we attach great importance to the design of our club kit utilising some of the most famous fashion designers in the London area. Once you have worn the Gregarios kit you will understand our passion for being the best in this fast-changing arena. 

Remember the club mottos - “You are only as good as your last race performance, but style lives forever”. "Coffee and cake will always be revered".  "Sunday izza da bike" (delivered in thick Italian accent).  

#1 Cycling is Fun

Cycling should always be fun, in a group is more fun, too.  The Gregarios will always be a club where we enjoy our club rides - whatever the weather.

#2 Leave no-one behind

We stay together whether there's a puncture or a chain off, a slower climb up an ascent or simply a slight off day.  We are one, we are always together.

#3 Newcomers, new friends

We have grown the club because people enjoy cycling with us and the more people that like coming out with the club, the more likely they will join as members and become friends altogether.
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