Paceline Training

Less effort, more speed and style
The Paceline is a single line formation with riders doing "turns" on the front.
(It's like the professionals doing a team time trial, but slower.)

The paceline stays away from the kerb to leave space for riders to drop to the back.
It is very important to keep this distance.
See the picture.

  1. As the front rider in line 1, you do a "turn" of 20-25 seconds. 
  2. At the end of your turn, flick your right elbow as a signal that you're done.
  3. Move towards the kerb into line 2 and ease off the pedalling.
  4. Let the paceline go by and drift fairly quickly to the back.
  5. As the last rider passes (you may hear "last man"), speed up to join the back of line 2.
  6. When you are alongside the next returning rider, announce "last man".
  7. When you are behind the front rider, wait for their elbow flick and wait for them to move to the side -- do not overtake them.
  8. When you get back to the front, do not speed up, just do your turn.
  9. Stay in line 2, away from the kerb until you're done.
Uneven speeds create an accordion effect and slow the paceline down.
Keep smooth and steady - riding on effort rather than speed.
If you're struggling,  sit on the back of the line.
Drop back to allow returning riders to join the end of the working paceline in your place.
Or move through the line but just do a short turn.

The lead rider should point out potholes, and take a gentle line around them.
Communication helps the group work as a group.

Look up the road as much as possible, don’t focus on the tyre in front of you. 

Don't brake suddenly – try moving into the wind slightly to slow yourself down. 

Try and maintain 85-100 rpm to be on top of the gear and not struggling. 

The first rider should make sure everyone gets through junctions before resuming the pace.
It's not a race, there’s no reason to take risks on a recreational ride. 

Keep your front wheel slightly offset from the rear wheel of the rider in front of you.
Don't overlap wheels!

(i) The Gregarios Superclub Ciclista takes no responsibility for the safety of any rider following these instructions.
(ii) The above is designed for riders on a club run or sportive, or training ride.