Summer 2022

Autumn & Winter 2022-23

All rides are subject to change and weather.  Distances are approximate.
Routes may be published nearer the time but please make sure you're able to get home on your own should the need arise.
Unless otherwise stated, rides start at Hatch End, depart 0930 prompt.
If you're thinking of joining, please contact someone in the club first.
* The routes here are normally Tempo group routes; the Forza group sometimes extends them.

DestinationRoutes* Cafe stop Approximate distance
Oct 2Harpenden. A pleasantly lumpy ride to one of our favourite watering holes. gpx file
Brew & Cru 56 miles, 90km.
9Haddenham. We cross the Chiltern Hills, take in some of the flat lands beyond, have a nice lunch amongst the flowers, then make our back again.GPX file
Garden Centre
16Marlow. This is a superb middle-distance ride. It's like a mini-Henley experience. Great if you're adding length to your rides (and a couple of climbs).komoot
GPX file
Cedars Cafe
23Windsor. A relatively flattish ride South of the Chilterns, including a run along "Museeuw Lane" before lunching at the ever popular Cinnamon Cafe.GPX file 
Cinnamon Cafe
30Great Missenden. A casual make-up-your-own-route ride offering plenty of opportunities for loops, or just a forty mile ride.
Nov 6Wargrave. The last long-ish ride, with optional turn-arounds at Beaconsfield and Marlow.ridewithgps komoot  gpx file H'Artisan
13Wendover A favourite for the mid-week pros, and a favourite for the weekenders. A typical "lumpy" Chiltern ride. This is a superb "transitional ride" if you're stepping up from Saturday rides. It's made for Tempo riders.GPX filerideWithGPS Komoot  Whitewaters Deli
20Offley Oooh, it's a new venue. How exciting. We're off to Offley to check out The Barn. We're keeping the route to a seasonal 95km (60 miles) or so, to appeal to the whole club.GPX file Komoot  rideWithGPS   The Barn 95 km, 60 miles
27Dunstable Downs One of the best viewpoints on the Chilterns. You could see Scotland, were it not for the curvature of the earth, perhaps. Yet it's very accessible; how do they do that?GPX file Komoot  rideWithGPS NT Cafe
Dec 4Hertford. In the quest for a replacement to Giambrone, we shall be trying Bebo Cafe. Plenty of choice in the vicinity if needed. In any case, it's a classy classic route suitable for all Tempo and Forza alike. Komoot rideWithGPS  GPX file Bebo Cafe
11Christmas lunch short ride Minori's Pizzeria
18Aldbury Having recovered from last week's lunch, and with luck not freezing any more, what could be better than a nice ride up to the ever-excellent Musette Cafe in Aldbury? Forza folk can add a loop, Tempo keep it conversational, Bimblers can even take a sneaky short-cut. Something for everyone.Komoot rideWithGPS  GPX file Musette
26Boxing Day Non-Stop Pizza Ride Minori Pizzeria
Jan 2Wheathampstead (Bank Holiday Monday) Bakery
8Wilstone Yes, it's the first Sunday run of the New Year. You've paid your subs and just want to get cracking, right? Why not start with a ride that never disappoints to the excellent (and recently expanded) P E Mead's. It's definitely do-able for wannabe-Tempo riders, whilst the Forza gang can bury themselves with the optional chain-gang loop, should they feel so inclined. This is a route worth learning, so you can ignore the computer and enjoy the countryside. Winter just means you can enjoy more of the views without all that green stuff getting in the way.ridewithGPS Komoot  GPX file P E Mead's Farmhouse Kitchen
15Hawridge Right, if you're waiting for an ideal first Sunday ride, this is the one. This is a popular venue for some of our Saturday rides, just rounded up to a pleasing 40 miles. It's the perfect bimble on what we hope we be a pleasant, if wintry, Sunday.rideWithGPS 
Komoot GPX file
Chiltern Velo
22Hertford Bebo Cafe (or alternative TBD)
29Windsor Cinnamon Cafe
Feb 5Great Missenden This is another superb shorter winter ride, which makes it ideal for a step up from the Saturday shuffle. Can we improve on last week's turnout? We can try! The one up the hill that Darren found
12Harpenden Continuing our rather excellent series of shorter Winter rides, we revisit the splendid Brew and Cru artisan coffee shop to punctuate a pleasant amble around some lovely lanes. See October 2nd above for routes.
If you're a Saturday rider, or an out-of-practice Tempo rider, you might think 56 miles somewhat daunting. You'd be wrong, because the group is strong, you get to stop for a nice lunch, and you can expect a Tempo average of 13-15 mph, so that's only two hours out, two hours back. What's not to like?
Brew & Cru
19Beaconsfield This is a great step-up-from-Saturday ride, at 44 miles! We pootle out through Ricky and the Chalfonts, up Winchmore Hill to Penn Street and then we're practically at our lunch stop before 25 miles is up. The afternoon takes us over the M40 which we then stay fairly close to on surprisingly quiet lanes before cruising  through Denham, up the Col de Harefield and back to Hatch End.rideWithGPS Komoot  GPXfile   Costa
26Non-stop Pizza Ride It may look like a rather similar route to last week's Beaconsfield run. Similar, but different. Firstly, no, we won't be taking such a convoluted climb-heavy route. Secondly, we don't even pause at Beaconsfield but sweep majestically on to complete our entire ride before a well-deserved (optional but highly recommended) lunch at Minori Pizzeria back in Hatch End.See the Route book(under development). Minori Pizzeria