Online or IRL, with style

Too cold? Too wet? Too far from Sunday?
Join the Blue Train on IndieVelo

Obviously, as Gregarios, we're hardy and a few spots of rain won't stop us doing our thing. Sometimes, there is ice; we do not like ice. We also find that soggy pads diminish the pleasure of the lunch. Sometimes, we will have a substitute Sunday run indoors, for those of us lucky enough to have money & space to set up a smart trainer and computer device thingy.

We do this on IndieVelo (not Zwift, not Rolla, not  MyWhoosh, etc). Details will be in a Facebook Event when this is going to happen.

We also have a regular Wednesday evening "leg stretcher" ride that fills that awkward gap between Sundays and fits in (for most) with your work and family meal schedule. Look in Facebook, the IndieVelo application, or IndieVelo Hub to find the ride and sign-up. All are welcome.

There's cool in-game Gregarios kit available if you join the Founders' Club and join our team, but at the moment there's no need to pay for IndieVelo! In the same spirit, you can apply to wear the kit even if you're not in the club IRL.